Student Sponsorship

Provides for tuition, uniforms supplies, and food for 1 year because many children can't afford to attend school.

The Road and Parish Vehicle

Maintain a twelve mile unpaved path through the mountains to Dupity, as the parish priests have responsibility to drive the very ill to hospital and procure community resources.

Sustainable Agriculture

Developing educational programs in collaboration with other non-profits to teach farming techniques to increase food yields and reduce erosion and other environmental degradation.

Nutrition Centers

Feed children in areas beyond Dupity many showing signs of malnutrtion


Provides shelter, food, education, clothing, health care, and caregivers.

Micro-lending Program

Provides small loans to entrepreneurial women who repay the loans with interest (reinvested into the program)

Water Women

Provides a home - based filtration system that equips, empowers, and entrusts mothers as agents of clean water.  Each filtration system provides clean water for 4 families.  

Provides medications for the clinic, which has no electricity and very limited supplies (most cannot afford the 10 cent clinic visit or the $8 labor & delivery fee)

Clinic and Area Health
Parish Support

Provides salary for parish staff upkeep of church and rectory, and food for the priests.

Annual Visits

Travel to Dupity (at one's own expense) on an annual visit to bring much needed medical supplies and to meet with the community to develop programs (contributions welcome!)





950 E Church Ave

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